Profile of Employee Connection and Professional Development

What motivates people to do their best work, to go the extra mile? Broadly speaking, two kinds of factors are responsible for employee engagement.

The first factor is extrinsic rewards like pay, benefits, promotions, or awards. The second factor is intrinsic rewards or the psychological rewards that fuel engagement by providing a positive emotional charge.

Let me help you improve the performance of people, teams and organization with assessments that are uniquely focused on measuring intrinsic rewards and providing insights that can directly affect your organization's bottom line. I address work engagement at the core level – the employee's feelings about the work itself.

Ideal for one-on-one coaching, employee retention initiatives, leadership development, conflict management and team building.

What You Get:

  • Pre-employment screening for applicants
  • Leadership development
  • Identify preferred work environments

  • Identify communication styles and problem solving approaches

  • Help understand conflict handling styles

  • Address reaction to stress 

  • Identify decision-making styles individually and in teams

Key Benefits:

  • Identify talent and leadership with measured results.
  • Uncover developmental opportunities with employees.
  • Find the right fit for each position.
  • Develop goal-oriented strategies with every employee.
  • Identify strategies for conflict resolution and effective communication.

Solutions for your Organization

Gain insight into employees' strengths, personalities, 

commu​nication styles  and preferred work environments. Identify and implement problem solving approaches individually and in teams.  Help find and develop high performance people for your organization. I give you access to powerful, scientifically proven and globally recognized assessments that will help propel you and your team to the next level. Reach out for a free consultation and find out what I can do for your organization.

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